A view of the huts from down the garden
The living hut by night
Red sky at night... the view from the huts

High quality, hand-made Shepherd's Huts

Shepherd’s Rest Huts are not simply sheds on wheels. Our living wagons are an evolution of the traditional shepherd’s hut, brought up-to-date with thoughtful design and the very highest quality sustainable materials. They come in three finishes: wooden; painted or metal.

Painted wooden shepherds huts are a lovely way to combine the softness of timber with the clean look of a colour of your choice. We have been known to paint the odd hut in stripes.
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Corrugated metal clad huts are what most people have in mind when they think of a traditional shepherds hut. You can chose from a variety of colours to suit your garden.
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wooden or timber hut

Some of the earliest shepherds huts were wooden clad. We use a traditional cladding timber, a redwood sourced from the Longleat Estate. We leave them unfinished to gently silver with age.
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We’re a small team based in Somerset and no detail on these shepherd’s huts is left to chance. From our unique cast wheels to the design of the roof, doors and windows, every element of a Shepherd’s Rest Hut conforms to a careful specification. Everything is built with longevity, ease-of-use and simple, timeless style in mind.

Joinery: Everything on our huts is designed and built with the shepherds hut in mind. We never use off-the-peg joinery.
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Materials: Our shepherds huts represent a life-time investment and the materials they are made with reflect that. They will not only they last for decades, but will improve with age.
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Workmanship: Our high standards of workmanship make sure our shepherds huts should last for many decades. Attention to detail means they look great when they are delivered and they age beautifully.
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We hope you enjoy finding out more about our huts.  Have a look at our ‘why they’re special page‘ to find out why these huts are a unique, long-term investment for your garden.
Consultation for your hut

Consultation: We pride ourselves on our consultation process. To combine our experience with your vision for a shepherds hut, it’s vital to sit down with you and discuss how you want your hut to look and feel. Find out more…

Log burner for huts

Extras: We offer a range of extra bits and pieces to make your shepherds hut really homely. Choose a log-burning stove or fitted furniture here.
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Shepherds Hut Roof

Our Rooves: The roof of our huts is specially constructed to allow for 50mm of insulation. The walls and the floor are insulated too,but the roof is the place where it is most needed.
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shepherds hut bed and breakfast

Shepherd’s Huts

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The best Shepherds Hut I have ever seen.
A craftsman from another manufacturer
“We love our hut!"
We wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with our shepherds hut.. we were very grateful for your patience in discussing every detail with us during consultation.
Please thank the team for a great job, a big thanks on the keeping-in-touch-front!
Book on Shepherds Hut David Morris

Shepherd's Rest Huts were one of only three makers featured in David Morris' book 'Shepherd's Huts and Living Vans' Buy a copy here.

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