So why are Shepherd’s Rest Huts special?

Shepherd’s Rest Huts are not simply sheds on wheels. Our living wagons are an evolution of the traditional shepherds hut, brought up-to-date with thoughtful design and the highest quality sustainable materials.

No detail on our huts is left to chance. From our unique cast wheels to the design of the roof, doors and windows, every element of a Shepherd’s Rest Hut conforms to a careful specification.

Everything is built with longevity, ease-of-use and simple, timeless style in mind.

To help you learn about what makes Shepherd’s Rest Huts so special, we’ve focused on five aspects of their design and build.

Click on each of the five tabs around the page to see explore some of the reasons we believe each Shepherd’s Rest Hut is a unique piece of craftsmanship, a lifetime investment, and a wonderful addition to your property.