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We pride ourselves on our consultation process. To combine our experience with your vision for a shepherds hut, it's vital to sit down with you and discuss how you want your hut to look and feel. From there we stay in touch throughout the building process. You can come and see your hut under construction in the workshop, if you can’t get here we can send you photographs of progress.
There are lots of variables in the creation of every shepherds hut. Most huts provide a room just over 6’ by 12’ 6”. We can vary the proportions to guarantee the best fit with your garden or field.
You also have a full choice of the size, location and number of windows and similar freedom with the style and position of the door.
Needless to say there is a wide palette of colours for you to choose from for both inside and out. The floor too offers lots of room for a personal touch - we offer cherry, oak, ash and elm; or painted or oiled larch boards.


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We wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with our shepherds hut. We were very grateful for your patience in discussing every detail with us during consultation.