Quality materials in Shepherds HutsShepherd's Hut Solid TimberShepherds Hut solid hardwood floorShepherds Hut Cast Iron WheelShepherds Hut Wood Panelling
Our shepherds huts represent a life-time investment and the materials they are made with reflect that. They will not only they last for decades, but will improve with age.
We use locally sourced, sustainably grown timber from the nearby Longleat and Stourhead Estates. We also have stocks of English ash and oak from local woodland, milled and seasoned by us.
The floor in each shepherds hut is great place to show off beautiful hardwoods. We have made floors in local cherry, larch, oak and elm.
The wheels and stub axles for our huts are cast in England from an original shepherds hut wheel. All other metalwork is made to measure by our blacksmith, from the turning wheel, draw bar, curtain rails, step fixings to an other details we ask him to come up with.
The interior panelling we use in our huts is thicker than in most and lends its self to a variety of styles. The most simple is a regular TGV but we offer the choice of a beaded TGV, plain boards, horizontal or vertical boards, or something entirely different if you prefer.


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We got it in place and ... delight all round. Beds, shelves, etc. all in place! Photos will be sent! We are all delighted!